Line 6 DT50 – Mains Transformer fail

XFMR Line6As I work in repair center, I could not notice many Line6 DT50 amps with short winding in the power transformer (secondary HV). These transformers are currently out of stock. We decided to manufacture new transformers by ourselves as we can make them better than PRC.

The main cause of this fault is bifilar secondary for 2x258V. These wires conduct high voltage and they are located all the way next to each other. Do not wind up secondary as bifilar.

Mains Transformer LINE6 #11-30-0045 datasheet is located below if you want to make your own. We did not, however, count all the turns of all windings as it was difficult without proper tools. You have to calculate the turns by yourself. Anyway, the datasheet gives you a clue about voltages and color codes.


XFMR Line6 #11-30-0045 Datasheet

3 thoughts on “Line 6 DT50 – Mains Transformer fail

  1. I found your blog looking for information on this issue of the head … Unfortunately it is the third time that the transformer fails. The first time was under warranty, the second I made it repaired by a technician making me send the piece by the autorized dealer. I would understand if i can buy from you the modified transformer in order to solve the problem permanently. I would also like to know the price and the cost of the expedition Sardinia. Thank you

  2. Hi, is there any chance to get one of this transformers shipped to Germany? That would be great! Thank you!

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