Binance cannot be trusted any more

A few days ago I was amazed to find out that my account was restricted to withdraw-only. When I tried to exchange spot currency, Binance kept redirecting me to account verification, which subsequently could not be done because the controls were locked. However, I successfully completed the verification about six months ago, when I opened my account.

Binance profile
Assurance review failed. Based on our Terms of Use and Internal Policy, these features are not available for your account.

This was very disturbing because my wallet contained Continue reading Binance cannot be trusted any more

JLCPCB Library for Eagle

If you’re looking for JLCPCB parts library for Eagle editor, here it is!

As one of many, I discovered JLCPCB, a manufacturer that produces prototype circuit boards quickly and cheaply. They can also fit SMD components, but here comes the catch: you have to specify a part number for each component. Doing it by hand proved to be a pain in the ass.

That’s why I wrote a program that can extract the data from JLCPCB SMT parts catalogue and insert them into a template Eagle library. Using that app I can quickly update whole library with current part numbers.

The library looks like this:

The project also contains a custom modified ULP script that can export BOM and ULP files with a single click!

Project home is at Github:

Retro Gaming – Diablo I a Diablo II

Nedávno jsem měl zaseknutý záda a protože jsem mohl akorát sedět u kompu, dostal jsem chuť si zapařit 20 let staré Diablo.

Diablo 1 už na nových Windows vůbec nefunguje a Diablo 2 má problémy s full screen režimem. Proto jsem použil Windows XP nainstalované na VirtualBoxu. Nakonec se to zvrhlo tak, že jsme se na tom s bráchou zasekli na měsíc.

Výhoda Virualboxu s Windows XP je, že přímo podporuje stařičký IPX protokol, který je nezbytný pro starší hry typu multiplayer

Pokud máš chuť si zahrát, udělej následující:

  1. Stáhni si a nainstaluj VirtualBox Platform Package + VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
  2. Stáhni si DiabloApp – Celé virtuální PC obsahující obě verze Diablo I + II
  3. Přidej DiabloApp do svého VirtualBoxu (Nic nenastavuj, ponech vše výchozí)
  4. Spusť virtuální PC a až naběhne plocha, přečti si textový soubor umístěný na ploše.

Vše potřebné (instalační CD, virtuální CDROM apod),  je součástí virtuálního PC

Zde bych ještě chtěl dodat, že obě verze her jsou verze 1.09

Kurzweil PC3K/A – Bad LCD Contrast

Symptoms: When your head is at the optimum position for actually playing or programming the synthesizer, the LCD contrast is not quite right – it is washed out and pale, and the contrast knob on the back of the keyboard does not help – turning that makes the display go from completely white to pale colours but visible text, whereas when viewed from the above it is lush and blue with very nice contrast.

Cause: The problem is caused by wrong value of the SMD resistor R108 (39k) This resistor limits the current to the pot R107 and therefore the contrast range is limited. Continue reading Kurzweil PC3K/A – Bad LCD Contrast