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ADATER – The lightpipe interface for DELTA1010 RACK

ADATERI have developed this interface in 2011 because I had two M-Audio DELTA 1010 sound cards at the studio, gathering dust. Later, it seemed to be good idea to sell them. But I have never managed to make and sell many ADATERs therefore the price stayed too high.

After two years, in 2013 the manufacturer Wavefront Semiconductors has Continue reading ADATER – The lightpipe interface for DELTA1010 RACK

MEZ Elektronik 02

MEZ Elektronik-02 KufrNemám ve zvyku psát žadný dlouhý úvod, takže k věci. Kvůli tomuhle jsem spustil svůj blog. Abych měl kam dávat přesně takovej bordel jako je naskenovaný návod na stavebnici MEZ ELEKTRONIK-02. Co jsme se s ní s kámošem nablbli…

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